​​​​​​​I'm Adrienne Weber, a Professional Organizer serving the Knoxville area. Overwhelmed by too much "stuff?" 
I can help! 
How does it work? 
We’ll begin with an initial consultation to talk about your organizational goals. This will involve you sending pictures, a video chat, or me seeing the space in person. Together, we'll strategize your best use of space and estimate the amount of time required. If you decide to hire me, we can either work side-by-side to go through each item, sorting into piles for keep, donate or throw away, OR I can organize on my own the belongings you want to keep. I can even connect you with additional resources for donation pickups, moving companies, and handyman services. 
What does it include? 
Every organizing session includes three hours working in your space, supplies such as labels and garbage bags, travel to and from your location, time spent shopping for containers, and one car load of donations hauled away per session. I also include a customized step-by-step plan for assigned “homework” between sessions to expedite your progress.
How much does it cost?
The base rate for a single session is $300. If your project requires more than one session, as is often the case, you may purchase packages of two, four, six, or eight sessions at significant savings:
- Two sessions: $570 (5% discount = $30 savings)
- Four sessions: $1,080 (10% discount = $120 savings)
- Six sessions: $1,530 (15% discount = $270 savings)
- Eight sessions: $1,920 (20% discount = $480 savings) 
Why hire a Professional Organizer? 
Perhaps you're generally an organized person, and your need for assistance is more of a one-time situation – such as preparing for a move or inheriting an estate – and you simply don't have the time to tackle this by yourself. Or perhaps organizational issues have been a consistent struggle throughout your life. Regardless of your unique situation, rest assured that I have experience working with clients from all walks of life, some of whom are described below. I know it can be an intimidating prospect to ask for help, and share aspects of your personal life with someone you just met. I will always treat you with empathy, respect and confidentiality – with a shoulder to cry on and hopefully some laughs along the way.  
It’s often necessary to convince yourself or a significant other that investing in a Professional Organizer is “worth it.” I compare it to hiring a personal trainer. Could you muster the motivation to work out and get buff on your own? Sure. But be honest with yourself. Aren't the chances that you'll take action and achieve greater results improved by enlisting the support of an experienced professional to hold you accountable, while coaching you every step of the way?
- Cleaned out a house containing a lifetime's worth of clothes, photos, coins and other collectibles
- Decluttered, organized, and staged a home before photography shoot for Airbnb listing
- Placed entire wardrobe into newly installed closet system, sorting by season, category, and color
- Uploaded hundreds of photos from flash drives and digitally organized in Google Photos 
- Sorted purchases resulting from an online shopping addiction and implemented healthier coping strategies
- Packed a house in preparation for a move, while purging items no longer wanted, including donation pickup
- Implemented systems in an office space that had become a jumble of paperwork and supplies
- Utilized containers, labels and shelves to organize craft supplies that had overtaken a bonus room
- Implemented closet organizational systems for clothing and accessories piled on the bathroom counter
- Cleaned out a pantry full of expired and unhealthy food, and implemented systems to inspire healthier eating practices
- Installed shelving and utilized labels to organize a garage full of kids’ toys and shoes 
- ​​​​​​​Created organizational systems for baby shower gifts for an overwhelmed soon-to-be new mom
- Unpacked and put away items for a client moving into an assisted living facility
- Cleaned out a house after the passing of a loved one who had struggled with a hoarding disorder
- Installed shelving and clothing racks for a laundry room that had been used as storage space 
- Organized a spare bedroom that was functioning as a “catch all” for extra belongings
About me 
I have B.S. in Environmental and Soil Science and M.Sc. in Landscape Architecture, both from the University of Tennessee. This educational background has provided me with a penchant for sustainable practices, as well as an eye for design. I'm mom to an amazing (and slightly sassy) teenage daughter, and can usually be found riding around in the passenger seat with white knuckles as she learns to drive. I'm also mom to Susie Q, a Carolina Dog which is a primitive breed I'm obsessed with (that's us in my logo)! I'm addicted to Pilates, and freakishly good at finding four-leaf clovers. 
I’ve always had a knack for organizing, and attribute my affinity for order to having Swiss heritage, along with growing up in a home surrounded by lots of “stuff.” I began organizing in a professional capacity with a friend’s company as a side hustle. She has since moved away, but my desire to use my natural talents to help people live simpler lives remains. I’ve struck out on my own, creating The Neat Retreat to bring clients peace of mind by resolving organizational issues big and small.  
Reach out today 
Please email me using the form below, and include a brief message describing the transformation you'd like to see. 
Or, feel free to call or text at (865) 407-0713 if that's your preferred method of communication.  
I'd love to help you reach your organizational goals, so you can focus on what matters most!
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